From Community College to University

How are finals going for you? I hope everyone is doing well.

My name is Sabira, I am an international student who just transferred from South Seattle College. My first quarter at UW Bothell is almost over! I had many different feeling about University life in this short period of time. I am a pre-med student. Just like most of you, I finished my freshmen and sophomore year at a local Community College, and then transferred as a junior. I was always one of the top students when I was at the CC, and I had a lot of connection with other international students who studied the same major as me. The material was fine, and manageable. However, when I first transferred, I noticed that the study materials are a lot harder than before, they are more detailed and I am required to do more self-study. I also found that although I made many new international friends, I barely see any other international students in my major. Besides class, I engaged in many activities at the CC, and now at UW Bothell, I’m still joining most of the events. UW Bothell has more clubs and other organizations that I could spend my time and make friends. I was overwhelmed at first, but I quickly adjusted my study strategy, try to adapt the new style. Now, at the end of the quarter, I feel I am already part of UW Bothell and I am familiar with everything here.

I have talked to one of my classmate who is newly transferred from Seattle Central College. His name is Ryan Chan, he is from Hong Kong, and he is studying Biology at UW Bothell. For study, Ryan said the way he learns here isn’t that different from his CC, but the materials are definitely harder. He had overall GPA around 3.7, and he is still maintaining it even though the study is harder. He also said: “I had a lot of friends back in CC, but I don’t have friends now”. I think this must be the most common issue for most of the new students. Especially for us, as international students, we are more comfortable with the circle that we had, and it takes a while to completely join the new environment. I suggest whoever has the same problem, go to more activates, engage as much as you can. This helps you to know people, and have more connection.


Community College is a bridge that helping us to move forward. It is definitely easy to stay around regarding recreation or study, but university helps us to be more independent. I hope every new students at UW Bothell can find their place on campus soon.


University of Washington Bothell Community Involvement

2017 Lend-a-Paw Shoreline Veterans Center

On Veterans Day, we celebrated and honored those who dedicated their lives to serving our nation by attending the 7th annual lend-a-paw hosted by UW Bothell Alumni Council.

UW Bothell alumni, students, staff and faculty gathered at the Shoreline Veteran Center to lend a helping paw on Veterans Day. We spent the day cleaning up the yard, kitchen, empty bedrooms, and preparing meals for volunteers and residents of the Veteran Center.

The facility manager was very thankful to have been helped through this outreach program for veterans.






It’s always important to give back to the community and be part of these types of events. It was an honor to serve the Shoreline veteran population on Veterans Day! And thanks to the UW Bothell Alumni Council for sponsoring such an amazing event. I hope you can join us with community engagements which will be posted on our Facebook page @uwbcie and website: